Ann Kennard


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Ann Kennard is a principal lecturer in German and European Studies in the Faculty of Languages and European Studies at the University of the West of England, Bristol. Currently she is Head of the School of German, but following a faculty merger in September 2002, she will be Associate Head of the School of European Studies in the Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences. Her degrees are from Coventry University (B.A.) and University of Sussex (M.A.), and she also spent an extended period doing research on relations between Comecon and the EEC at the then Central School of Planning and Statistics in Warsaw (now the Warsaw School of Economics).

Her border research commenced in the post-1989 period with a particular interest in developments across the German-Polish border, and has been mainly concerned with the institutional aspects initiated by the EU. It has since broadened out to include the more easterly regions of Europe, focussing recently on the conflict between the cross-border cooperation agenda and the shift of the Schengen border eastwards with the advent of the first phase of EU enlargement. She recently took part in an Eastern European borders expedition, which was very enlightening in terms of gaining first-hand impressions of and discussions concerning the problems on and around the borders of some of the accession countries and their southern and eastern neighbours.

Recent and forthcoming publications:

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'The changing role of border regions in Europe' in Ingham H. and Ingham M. (eds.) EU Expansion to the East: Prospects and Problems, Edward Elgar 2002,188-204

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